Science class with teacher

Exciting on-site K-5 science endorsement opportunity for metro schools and districts

The ECEE department boasts a portfolio of degree programs and endorsements designed to create a shared and vibrant learning community for cohorts of inservice teachers.

The Department of Early Childhood and Elementary Education is pleased to offer the K-5 Science Endorsement to school-based or district-based cohorts of teachers. ECEE faculty will teach the four-course sequence for 10 or more teachers at your school or at a centrally located school designated by your district.

  • This endorsement is intended for teachers who hold a clear, renewable certificate, level 4 or higher in early childhood education (P-5) or another eligible field specified in PSC Educator Preparation Rules and are interested in adding additional expertise in science education to their certificate.
  • Requirements for the K-5 Science Endorsement include 12 required hours of concentrated coursework in elementary (K-5) science education:

ECE 8420 Essentials of Elementary Science (3)

ECE 8430 Mastery of Elementary Science (3)

ECE 8440 Leadership in Elementary Science (3)

ECE 7740 Internship in Early Childhood Classroom I (3)

The creation of an endorsement portfolio is an exit requirement.

  • Students must be admitted to the university and may be enrolled as a non-degree student or pursuing another advanced degree.

Please contact Dr. Susan Auslander, Graduate Programs Coordinator,  at 404-413-8020 or [email protected].

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