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phd icon Early Childhood and Elementary Education Ph.D.

The Ph.D. major in Early Childhood and Elementary Education prepares scholars to function as a researcher and teacher educator in a variety of roles including basic and applied research, curriculum development, and teacher education.

Most of our graduates become educational researchers and teacher educators in universities and colleges. Interweaving theory, research, and practice, we inquire about how children’s learning is shaped by educational inequities across race, gender, (dis)ability, and social class; educational globalization; community, home, and school connections; culturally responsive pedagogy; urban education; and curricular and technological innovations.

We leverage this expertise to advocate for children’s learning in multiple contexts, in and out of school.

Students may receive the K-5 Mathematics Endorsement through the doctoral program. To apply for the endorsement, students should complete the online application here. Once students complete the endorsement, they should also submit an endorsement completion form here.

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Teri Holbrook, program coordinator
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