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The Master of Education (M.Ed.) program in Elementary Education is a graduate degree designed for teachers who wish to pursue advanced preparation in a specific area at the elementary level, including mathematics, science, literacy, and teacher support and coaching endorsements.

The program engages students in comprehensive exploration, research, and practice in diverse elementary classrooms, with concentrated study in their chosen endorsement.

Program experiences provide students with pedagogical content knowledge, instructional capabilities, and mindsets needed to serve as effective teachers and also teacher leaders in their schools and communities.

The program includes 12 courses, five of which may be completed online/alternative format. Students may enter the program any semester and complete the program at their own pace.

The K-5 Mathematics and Science Endorsements require one year of teaching experience, and the Teacher Support and Coaching Endorsement requires three years of teaching experience.

For these endorsements requiring teaching experience, other courses in the master’s program may be completed before then.

The endorsement options may also be completed as standalone programs. Or, if a student has already completed a M.Ed., there are opportunities for the endorsement courses to count toward other graduate degrees such as the Ed.D.

Once students complete the required courses for their endorsement, they should submit the CEHD Endorsement Completion form here.

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Open Endorsements

This endorsement is intended for teachers who hold a clear, renewable certificate, level 4 or higher in in one of the following areas: early childhood education, middle grades — mathematics, or special education general curriculum/early childhood education. The program includes five courses, with four focused on concentrated study of elementary mathematics and one serving as a field placement. The K-5 Mathematics Endorsement may be completed as a standalone program or embedded in a graduate degree such as a M.Ed. or Ed.D.

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We offer graduate courses in literacy, which apply to Georgia’s Reading Endorsement for classroom teachers. These courses focus on three areas (a) understanding readers and the reading process, (b) linking assessment and instruction, and (c) using instructional strategies in specific content areas. Teachers pursuing the reading endorsement are enrolled as nondegree students in specific programs for certification as Reading Recovery Teachers or Reading Recovery Teacher Leaders.

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The Teacher Support and Coaching (TSC) Endorsement Program in Early Childhood and Elementary Education is one of six endorsements offered through the Department of Early Childhood and Elementary Education.

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Reading Recovery

We offer graduate courses in literacy, which applies to Georgia’s Coaching Endorsement. These courses focus on four areas (a) understanding literacy – the reading and writing process, (b) linking assessment and instruction, (c) using instructional strategies in specific content areas and (d) professional development, supervision and systematic change. Teachers pursuing the coaching endorsement are enrolled as non-degree students in specific programs for certification as Reading Recovery Teacher Leader or the Literacy Coach Certificate.
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The Literacy Coach Certificate is also referred to as the Partners in Comprehensive Literacy (PCL) program. The Partners in Comprehensive Literacy (PCL) is a research-based companion program to the Comprehensive Intervention Model (CIM). PCL is a systemic school improvement model based on the principles of apprenticeship learning. Inherent to the model is the coaching and mentoring feature. The series of courses for Literacy Coach Certificate are designed to prepare individuals for supporting accountability with a school-wide assessment system using multiple ways for evaluating student achievement; providing embedded professional development for teachers; assisting with the development of a well-designed school-wide literacy plan; and with assisting teachers to expand their knowledge and expertise particularly in providing differentiated classroom instruction. The training is restricted to candidates employed as a literacy coach in a school setting.

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Cohort Only Endorsements

These endorsements must have a cohort of 10 or more teachers signed up.

This endorsement is intended for teachers who hold a clear, renewable certificate, level 4 or higher in early childhood education (P-5) or another eligible field specified in PSC Educator Preparation Rules and are interested in adding additional expertise in science education to their certificate. Requirements for the K-5 Science Endorsement include 12 hours of concentrated coursework in elementary (K-5) science education. Students must be admitted to the university and may be enrolled as a nondegree student or pursuing another advanced degree.

The K-5 Science Endorsement requires a cohort of 10 or more teachers.

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Information forthcoming
Information forthcoming

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