Urban Accelerated Certification and Master’s Program (UACM)

This initial certification and Master’s program for the major in early childhood education prepares teachers of young children (Pre-k through 5th grade) to teach in an urban environment.

The program is designed for people who have an undergraduate degree or higher and want to teach in an urban elementary school. Candidates in our program spend the first year as full-time student teachers taking courses and completing field experiences in schools in the metro Atlanta area.

Candidates who have successfully met all requirements will be recommended to the state for certification in Early Childhood and Elementary Education (Pre-k through 5th grade) with an English to Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) endorsement at the end of the first year.

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During the second year of the program, candidates obtain full-time paid teaching positions in urban elementary schools in the Atlanta metro area while completing their Master’s degree in education.

The program is funded in part by the U.S. Department of Education. Through this grant a one-time stipend of $5000 is awarded to all UACM students entering the program, with a signed, three-year service agreement to teach in a high-needs school.

For more information please contact the UACM Office at 404-413-8206 or uacm@gsu.edu

The UACM Program:
Become a Teacher, Earn a Master’s Degree, Touch a Child’s Life, Change the World!